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These days, how your association communicates with its members, stakeholders, and the general public can make all the difference in its success. Whatever audience you want to reach, Manifest Creative will deploy its unique communications expertise to ensure your message is spot on and widely received.

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We keep the lines of communication open and up-to-date with a full suite of Marketing & Communications consulting services, including.

  • Managing Your Digital Footprint - Your digital footprint is a strong indicator of how your association is perceived. We’ll manage your online presence, including social media and email.

  • Email Communication & Contact List Management - Whether you need to push events or important news, we’ll distribute effective email communications and meticulously manage your contacts list to ensure the right people get the right message.

  • Website Support & Content Updates - Your website should serve as the one-stop-shop for your audience to gather any pertinent information. We’ll keep it relevant and running smoothly to reflect your growing association.

  • Photography - Photos serve numerous purposes, including showcasing events or highlighting members. Our team captures the important moments and brings authenticity to your association’s visual goals.

  • Digital Image Management - Images are vital assets to your association, but they can only be used to their full potential if they are well-kept. We manage all of your files to ensure organization and visual consistency. 

  • Online Member Surveys - When you leverage survey tools, you can get a reading on your members and gather valuable insight to drive further success. We’ll issue surveys that ask all the right questions.

  • Creating Collateral & Collaborating With Your Graphic Designer - Marketing collateral is a must for any association. We can create beautiful, unique graphics or collaborate with your designer to make stunning visuals that communicate your messages.

  • Building Outreach Lists & Cultivating Prospective Members - Our dedicated team will work collaboratively with client subject matter experts to facilitate the process of building outreach lists that target your ideal audience based on demographics. With those lists, we can work to attract prospects to join your association.

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