Association Management

Manifest Creative offers turnkey association management services, totally customizable according to your needs and budget considerations. Rest assured that confidentiality and security are of the utmost importance to our team and will be honored at all times.

Starting with Transition Management, we make your onboarding process as seamless as possible as our team takes over handling Administrative Supports like phone, email/mail and database management. If you require more in-depth Consulting, we can provide a growth strategy for your organization and membership as well as assist with sponsorship and partnership development.

When you require Financial, Accounting & Bookkeeping services, we will be your Board Treasurer’s or Finance Committee’s “right hand.” Manifest Creative will help manage your day-to-day bookkeeping, invoicing, billing and deposits, and we have the ability to bring in accountants and auditing experts on an as-needed basis. We are also prepared to assist with big-picture financial goals, budget management and creating and maintaining a manual for Financial Policies & Procedures. As association specialists, we are also ready to help you run financial and membership reports that are essential to member management and good financial stewardship.

We keep the lines of communication open and up-to-date with a full suite of Marketing & Communications consulting services, starting with managing your digital footprint across the web, including social media and email. Additional marketing and communications support includes:

  • Email communications & list management
  • Website support & content updates
  • Digital image management
  • Photography
  • Online member surveys
  • Media liaison
  • Creating/collaborating with graphic designer on marketing collateral
  • Building outreach lists & cultivating prospective members

You already know association management is unique, which is why we provide Member Management consulting services that are crucial to the success of any organization. We can take over as point of contact for your membership, as well as help you welcome new members, manage and maintain member databases and communications, and take over the onboarding, processing, and renewal of memberships. Our membership consulting options go beyond day-to-day management; we can assist with member recruitment, retention and growth through a variety of proven strategies. Manifest Creative will work with your association’s leadership to implement retention and renewal programs and new member drive programs, while also providing support to ensure membership benefits are fulfilled for current members.

We are also prepared to help you manage Scholarships & Awards for your membership. Our team can help coordinate applications and winner notifications, as well as schedule applicant interviews, order awards, manage the judging process and coordinate scholarship payments to awardees. Our full menu of Event Management and meeting planning services includes support for both in-person and virtual events.