4 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Association Membership Management

4 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Association Membership Management

When you run a non-profit or professional association, customer service and membership management mean everything to your organization.

Members expect a certain level of service for the money they pay or donate. Late membership renewals, mishandling contact information, or being unable to answer questions can easily result in members deciding not to renew.

When organizations are run by volunteer leaders, often times these folks are consumed by their day jobs that it’s easy for tasks like membership recruitment, onboarding and retention strategies and execution can fall to the wayside. That's why many organizations opt to outsource their membership management duties.

Curious about how outsourcing your membership management duties can benefit your organization? Once you see all of the ways it could help, you'll be eager to start outsourcing today.

1. Save Money

Think about how much it would cost to hire someone in-house to manage your members. Aside from the cost of their salary, you're also going to have to pay for benefits, space, equipment, training and beyond. .

Adding on duties to an existing employee isn’t cost-effective either. When they're focusing on assisting your members, they're forced to neglect other duties.

Outsourcing membership management duties can help save your company money. The cost of an outsourcing service is much less than the cost of a full or part-time employee. You won't have to worry about paying an extra salary, benefits or any other associated costs.

2. Have Specialized Help

Many non-profits and professional organizations rely on volunteer work to keep everything running. Volunteers can be passionate about what they do, but that doesn't make them professional experts.

Outsourcing your membership management gives you access to professional help. You'll have experts in customer service and membership management handling all of your member's needs. And these tasks will be managed in a timely manner, as opposed to being dependent on a volunteer’s schedule or availability.

3. Improve Efficiency

Are your team members trying to manage member services in between their regular duties?

Managing member needs in this manner isn't very efficient for your workers or your members. A busy day at the office could mean member needs get pushed to the back burner and go unmet until things slow down.

When you outsource member services, you'll be able to efficiently handle all of your organization's needs. You’ll have dedicated support to focus on helping your members. Members’ needs will be met in a timely fashion, and your employees won't have to worry about constant interruptions to handle member needs.

4. Get More Organized

If you needed to pull up a list of everyone who has paid their dues for the month quickly, would you be able to do it?

Staying organized can be difficult for any organization or business. If you currently struggle with keeping your files organized or keeping tracking of member information, outsourcing your membership management needs could be the ideal solution.

Companies that work with your member information should have great organizational skills. Everything you need will likely be stored in an easy to access database. You'll be able to have everything you need with the touch of a button instead of having to sort through things yourself.

Membership Management Done Right

Outsourcing your membership management could be one of the best decisions you make for your organization. You’ll save money, work more efficiently and stay organized in ways you never thought were possible.

Are you ready to start outsourcing your membership management work? We're here to help! Be sure to contact us today so we can talk about the best way to meet your needs.