4 Amazing and Fun Ways to Kickoff more Engaging Meetings

4 Amazing and Fun Ways to Kickoff more Engaging Meetings

Have you ever felt dread about attending a meeting, especially when you can think of all the things you (and probably most of your fellow teammates) would rather be doing instead? What if there were a way for meetings you attend or are responsible for planning could start in a way that gets everyone engaged and ready to participate right from the start?

Luckily for you, there is! There are actually creative meeting strategies to get your meeting started off on the right foot, whether in-person or virtual and once implemented, your attendees will appreciate being a part of a fun and engaging gathering.

Keep reading for our guide to four fun meeting ideas to make your meetings more productive and get everyone involved right from the start.

1. Start With a Joke

When looking for fun ways to start a meeting you might want to start with a joke. You could even make it a competition and have everyone bring their best joke to the meeting.

Jokes are normally quick and right to the point so this wouldn't take up much time at all. Everyone can have time to share whether it is in-person or virtual and everyone enjoys a good laugh!

This will also help to get people willing to participate in the meeting. If they've already talked once to share their joke, then they won't mind participating again in the future.

2. Start With a Win

What better way to start a meeting than with sharing something positive? Go around the room and have each person share a win that they experienced since the last meeting!

This can be done virtually or in-person which is why it's such an engaging and interesting way to launch a meeting. Starting with a positive from each member puts everyone in a good mood and sets the tone for the rest of the meeting.

3. Start With Something Inspirational

On the other hand, when looking at opening meetings you could look for something that will inspire your team. An awesome TED talk, a quote, or an inspiring article is a great way to get your team motivated to do more.

You can go around the room and discuss how you all feel. The goal is to get your team thinking in a brand new way. You'll find that people will pay attention more during the meeting after sharing something inspirational.

4. Start With an Ice Breaker

The last way for making meetings fun is by kick off with an ice breaker. Although they can be a bit cheesy at times, they are a great way to get to know your team and get them talking to each other.

From a quick game or a trivia question to a variety of interesting check-in questions, there are plenty of different ice breakers that you can do that are fun, engaging, and provide an opportunity to learn more about each group member. You also can break off into small groups or work together to learn more about your team.

Engaging and Fun Meeting Ideas

Use these fun meeting ideas whether you're meeting with your team in the office or virtually to make sure everyone is engaged and ready to participate. They will help to make sure everyone is ready to pay attention and aren't off thinking about what they're going to have for lunch.

If your company is looking to host an event or meeting, then make sure to check out all that we can do for you! We can help you every step along the way as you plan and execute your next meeting or event. Contact us today with any questions you might have!