Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings During COVID-19

Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings During COVID-19

Do you spend most of your day on virtual meetings?

As Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, the majority of workplaces have shifted their meetings from in-person to online. While meeting virtually is undeniably convenient, it can pose a fair set of challenges. To help, we're sharing our best tips for virtual meetings.

These tips are sure to make your meetings all the more successful and enjoyable overall.

1. Set a Clear Agenda

One reason people could lose focus during a virtual meeting is the “fear of the unknown.”

They might not know how long the meeting is going to take or what topics are to be covered? Or, if a virtual meeting appears to be dragging on, attendees could naturally succumb to their distractions.

That’s why outlining and providing a clear agenda from the beginning is crucial. Manage expectations by letting attendees know exactly how long the meeting will be and what topics are going to be covered. In knowing the exact timeframe, your attendees will be all the more likely to remain engaged and attentive throughout.

2. Make Use of Visual Representations

Let's face it, tuning in to speaker-after-speaker can be draining.

This is why using a visual representation during your meeting can be so helpful. This gives your attendees something to look at and connect to visually, which means they’ll be less likely to get distracted by email, internet browsing, and distractions around them and more likely to focus on the speaker.

These visual representations can be as simple as putting together a slideshow that highlights all of your main speaking points, sharing an informative video, or conducting a poll and displaying the results in real-time.

3. Adopt a Video-on Policy

At the end of the day, humans respond well to faces.

When we can see the person we're engaging with, we're far more likely to resist distractions and get more from the conversation. This is why many companies and organizations have chosen to employ a video-on policy for their virtual meetings.

Facial expressions are always a great way to humanize meetings. This helps to make meetings more enjoyable for attendees and allows them to feel more personal.

4. Use the Mute Feature

When we consider that 1 in 5 people say their virtual meetings are rarely productive, it's clear why targeting productivity is essential.

If you really want to have a productive virtual meeting, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with the "mute" feature. This allows the meeting host to mute all attendees aside from the main speaker.

It also helps to minimize background noise and more surrounding distractions. Not only will this increase the productivity of your virtual meetings, but it will also help to keep your meetings as short and sweet as possible. Keep in mind though, that you’ll have to remind your attendees to unmute themselves if they need to speak again, as they might not remember they are muted since they didn’t control the initial setting.

Tips for Virtual Meetings in 2020

While one-third of our life used to be spent at work, a growing number of people are now working remotely due to Covid-19.

Alongside this shift, the majority of in-person meetings have now been replaced by virtual meetings. If you're struggling to maintain the attention of your employees, these tips for virtual meetings are for you. While simple, these tips will be largely effective in helping to make your virtual meetings more successful and enjoyable.

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